Your membership fees and donations are essential to allow us to continue our work to lobby for Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) law reform in Queensland to allow terminally ill Queenslanders legal access to medical help to end their life should they choose to do so.

DWDQ offers two types of membership: Annual Membership for $25 per year or Life Membership for $250.

You may also become a supporter for no cost. We need as many people as possible to be aware of the urgent need for law reform in Queensland.

Upon becoming a member or supporter of DWDQ you will be emailed information about VAD. You will also be emailed regular newsletters with updates about current events, dates and venues of Public Information Sessions and information about how you can help in the fight for legislative change.

During the membership checkout process you can select from three payment options: Credit Card / PayPal, or Bank Transfer. You will be emailed a receipt shortly after your payment has been received.

Please feel free to forward the information you receive, and the newsletters to anyone who may be interested and encourage them to join DWDQ, or to register as a supporter.


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