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Dying With Dignity Qld Inc (DWDQ) is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation formed on the Sunshine Coast in 1985. Prior to 2009 it was known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Qld Inc (VESQ).

DWDQ aims to have laws introduced in Queensland to allow adults who are experiencing grievous and irremediable suffering related to an advanced and progressive terminal, chronic or neurodegenerative condition, to legally access medical assistance to end their life should the person chooses to do so.

Position Statement


Although DWDQ advocates for legislation which would legalise voluntary euthanasia, the reality is that assisted dying is not yet legal and providing assistance to someone seeking to end their life is a criminal action.

Apart from Victoria and Western Australia, where VAD was recently passed into legislation (with strict criteria), assisting someone to die is a criminal offence, the penalty for which varies from state to state.

In Queensland, section 311 of the Criminal Code Act 1899 states that any person who:

(a) procures another to kill himself or herself; or

(b) counsels another to kill himself or herself and thereby induces the other person to do so; or

(c) aids another in killing himself or herself; is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for life.

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